Aireka XTRONIC coolers: discover ZERO maintenance cooling


Aireka XTRONIC Series Pneumatic coolers: zero-maintenance cabinet cooling


As we know, high temperature peaks occur inside control cabinets, which significantly reduce the life of the main electronic devices such as drives and inverters, whose replacement is costly and results in machine downtime.

It is important to have a simple and reliable prevention system that takes care of keeping the temperature stable inside the switchboard at around 35 degrees, as recommended by regulations.

The pneumatic coolers of the XTRONIC series are particularly effective for this task due to their state-of-the-art solutions in terms of reduced compressed air consumption and high performance in cooling capacity.

Their application, inside the electrical cabinet, allows for a slight overpressure that is useful for preventing dust from entering.


With the help of the rendering, we see the working principle and the many advantages of this cooling system:


  • THE PROBE: positioned in the area of main heat onset, it allows for precise detection of the actual temperature and humidity at which the electronic components in the electrical panel are located.
  • THE COOLER: equipped with considerable cooling power at medium-low supply pressures, it reduces consumption and prevents the formation of condensation. The stand-alone solution with control unit and solenoid valve is compact and easy to install close to the users. There are no moving parts inside, no gas, no electrical parts, and therefore no maintenance is required.
  • THE CONTROLLER: equipped with appropriate electrical protections, it starts the cooler when 36 degrees are reached and stops it as soon as 32 degrees are reached. Reprogrammable with other temperatures of your choice.
  • THE KDA SYSTEM: made with triple insulation and customized length allows all the cooled air to be transferred to the uses without any dispersion, with maximum thermal efficiency.
  • THE COOLING AIR SAVING SYSTEM: patented solution to re-use the “hot part” coming out of the cooler and motorize an amplification device to perform forced heat extraction to the outside. The simplicity of installation completes the long list of benefits this solution brings to the user.

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