Serie HSC – Separatori di Condensa
  • Water separation through a decrease in the temperature of compressed air

  • No moving part, except for the automatic drain

  • Easy to install

  • Made in technopolymer and brass OT58

  • One size, with 3 possible flow-rate adjustments

  • Maintenance-free

  • No use of electricity or chemical substances

  • No sparks or interferences caused

  • Instant operation

  • It can be combined with Simian cooler VR50 so that to further lower temperatures

Description HSC

The main strengths of the condensate separators Series HSC are effectiveness, reliability, and versatility.

The effectiveness in the removal of condensate is obtained through the peculiar design of the DryVolution system: thanks to a series of concentric flanges, assembled with a precise angle of incidence with respect to the direction of incoming flow, they generate a compressed air expansion (which takes place inside a chamber downstream of the flanges) that brings about a considerable decrease in the temperature and consequently the condensation of humidity. This is then directed to the bottom of the bowl.

The reliability derives from the fact that no electric power and no chemical substance is used, and moreover there is no moving part (with the exception of the sole automatic drain): the performance is steady and maintenance is practically zero.

The versatility is guaranteed by the performances and the technical features: the range covers a wide spectrum of flow-rates and the materials used, together with the assembly, make it a very sturdy product. Therefore, it perfectly suits many different applications: upstream of coalescing filters (cleaning of air inside clean rooms), downstream of big compressors for air distribution inside factories, on board of trucks and agricultural machines, upstream of pneumatic tools, etc.

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